Ask With Faith


During his sermon on the mount, Jesus gave his followers instructions that they could use in real life situations. That practical advice is why the story of Jesus teaching on the mount is one of my favorite stories. Jesus used everyday situations to explain to early Christians not only how they should live and treat each other, but also how they are to relate to God. In Matthew 7:7-11, Jesus tells us to pray and ask God for what we want. As a Christian, it may seem strange to pray for what we want instead of what others or we need. In addition, why do we have to ask an all-knowing God for what we want if He can read our hearts and minds? Jesus tells us that our Father will give us what we ask for if we trust that He will provide and we must act on our faith by asking. If we ask without the faith that God can and will provide, we are essentially telling God that we will ask but we do not believe that He can provide. Jesus uses the example of parents providing for their children.

 My children are grown and no longer live at home, but when my two daughters were at home, I have to admit they did not want for anything. My husband and I would jokingly say that we gave them all of what they needed and half of what they wanted. In reality, they got most everything they wanted. As a mom, I wanted my kids to be happy, so I gave them what they asked for. The needs that they had were met as my responsibility as their provider but most of the time there were conditions to be met before I gave in to their wants. Good grades brought home on report cards, chores completed and other stipulations were agreed upon first. If they followed though with their end of the bargain then I followed through with mine. It is the same with God and us. If we ask with faith that God will provide what we ask for, He will provide.

            If my kids asked for something that was not good for them for whatever reason, I would have to explain to them that what they wanted was not in their best interest. For example when my girls begged for a trampoline, my husband and I decided that because of the fact that they were both accident prone and countless trips to the emergency room was a norm for them,  that it would not be a good idea to give them the means to break more bones. They were disappointed, but they got over it. God is the same way with us. If we ask for something that is not good for us or not in his plan for us, he will not give it to us. We may not know at the time the reason, but we will understand when he is ready for us to see His point. Now that my youngest daughter has children of her own, she sees why we would not give her and her sister a trampoline.

            Trust God to provide what you ask of Him. Remember act on faith and ask your Father for your heart’s desire.

Live to be significant instead of successful.

I was at a leadership training conference for my day job, and a speaker there said that to be good leaders we should “Lead to be significant not successful.” The more I thought about that the more I realized that there should be more, much more to life than our traditional deffinition of success. There is allot to be said about being successful. We all want to have the things in our lives that make us look to the outside world as having made it, such as a well paying job, shiny car, big bank roll and a respected reputation.  I want more from life than to be successful. I am not saying I want to be homeless with no money. I want all the things you do, but I would rather be seen as significant in the lives of others. More than success, creating a significant difference in the lives of others, at work and in all you do is more difficult than just simply being successful. To be significant you have to take on an attitude of servitude. Be a sevant in this world. In all you do seek to serve your fellow man. No you don’t have to join the Peace Corp, work from what you have and from where you are. Mesure your signifcance by the important little things you can do to improve upon what is already your mission in life, but make certian that your goals are inline with God’s will. If we, as Christians are to imaitate Jesus and he said, “For even I, the Son of Man, came here not to be served but to serve  others, and to give my life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) Then we are to be servants to the world, in our place of business, in our families, in our churches and in every aspect of our lives.

Our significance is to be as a servant. Serve others for God to reach others for Jesus Christ.  Live your life to be significant instead of sucessful.

A sad little thing

Death is not proud, but it is unavoidable. Death comes to all living things eventually. When I am confronted with death I look at it as a necessary step to a better life. That’s not to say I am not saddened by death, I am, but death is not a permanent state. The condition is a temporary moment that leads to eternity. The sadness comes from not knowing what happens after death. If you are a Christian, you know or should know with out a doubt what is going to happen to you after death. If someone close to you dies and you don’t know if they had a relationship with God, then sadness comes from not knowing. What about pets? Do they go to heaven too? We can hope.

My Blog

I am not new to the world of blogs. I have been all over the web. However, I found that most blogs are either geared to the party college crowd or the Internet entrepreneur trying to make cash off of my clicks. I was looking for a place to write. I don’t care about fancy elaborate backgrounds, pictures or distracting music. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media for keeping up with family and friends, especially those that live miles away. I don’t like the blog area of most social media sites. It seems clunky and not writer friendly. So, on my search I found my way here. I like this blog site. I plan on using this one just for my writing. I will use it to brain storm, network and preview some of my work. Thanks for stopping by to read my latest ramble. Many many many more to come.