Is it more important….

I have a moral dilemma. I want to write a story that is true, but writing truth is scary. OK, I can hear everyone gasp, What why is truth scary? Let me see if I can explain it. I want to tell a story that is at its core all true. I can and will of course for dramatization, write some elements that are fiction, it will read better if the dull parts are dramatized for effect. If some people read it they will instantly say “OH MY GOD…..that really happened!” Which is not entirely a bad thing, shock factor can sell books. On the other hand, the truth may hurt some people who read it. Then again, the truth hurts. SO… it worth the risk to write truth? Is it worth the consequences that may fall out from the releasing of truth to the reading world? Is it more important to be honest with yourself and write what is in you or be mindful of how it may affect your readers?

I found the coolest thing…

If you love books like I do. OK, I guess it is more than love, it is an obsession. I can’t go even one day without putting my hands on a book. I am a book junkie. Anyway, I found the coolest thing. It is called Library Thing. It is an on line library. You can add 200 books for free then if you need to add more you can upgrade to a paid account. It is the best solution I have found thus far for tracking books. I have no idea exactly how many books I have. Really, I don’t. I have two big book cases, one small bookcase that my father in law made 40 years ago and several stray books just hanging out in the house. I could have several hundred…maybe a thousand. Who knows? I will find out when I get all my books entered on my Library Thing page.  If you are like me and have alot of books, then check it out.

Naughty little imps…..

That hated writer’s block has plagued me for days. I sit and look at that damn blinking cursor. Blink blink blink…..stop. It’s useless pleading with it,  it keeps blinking. I write a few words….nonsense and back back back goes the blasted thing. What is going on? I know my story inside and out. I know what she is supposed to do next. He is there back stage waiting his turn on the page. So why is it not coming out of my fingers? Type type type…..please.  I tell the words to stop parading around my head like a bunch of unruly changelings and get on the page….now sit stay….. Maybe it is this computer. Maybe I need paper and ink to make these naughty words behave.  Where is that pen? I will not let them win. I am their master and they shall do as I say……Yeah sure…they laugh at me because they know the truth …..If they do not want to play nice then they don’t. ….I will try again to persuade them to sit nicely in the proper order in the written page to make some sense of a story. My characters are waiting patiently for me to get control of the words, because unlike the naughty little imps, they want to get on with the work at hand.

What are you writing? Continued…

Well it’s like this. I cannot under any circumstances post on this blog, or any other Internet site for that matter,  any work that I intend to submit for publication. It is considered a big fauxpas to “publish” to the web then submit to a publisher for print publication. So……all my current work will not be previewed here. Which may not mean anything to anyone . Just to be on the safe side if you want to read a sample shoot me an email and I will consider sending it to you.

What are you writing?

A couple people  have asked me “What are you writing now?” or “What are you working on at this moment?” To be honest I am working on two different big projects and a few smaller ones. I am writing some short pieces to submit to magazines. Hopefully I can get a few of those accepted.  As for my big projects, I am ghost writing a novel for my husband. He is the story teller and I am the editor. It is really his project, but he needs all the hep he can get. I am also working on a novel of my own. It is about a girl who is not a Christian who discovers her grandmother has a major secret and through the journey to discover what exactly her grandma was hiding, the girl discovers her own need for God.

I am considering posting a  chapter of my novel on here for some folks who really want to read it. I just don’t want to give to much of it away. It is a mystery.  *grin*

My Jesus Page 2

Just for a moment, think about Jesus. What is your relationship to Him? Is He some dead man hanging on a cross at the front of the church? Is He a Bible character from Sunday school? Is He rather just simply a figure from history, a famous man?

The bible says the only way to God is through Jesus. (John 14:6) The only way to be saved from death is to believe in Him. (John 3:16) These ideas are just the surface of what Jesus is to me.

 As a Christian, when I accepted Jesus as my personal savior, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Jesus lives in my heart. My relationship with Jesus is an intimate connection. The Bible uses the metaphor of marriage to show the connection between Christians and Jesus. The Church is to be His bride. I am His bride.

The bible also says Christians are the body of Christ on earth. We are to think, be, and act like Christ. It is impossible for us to be like a perfect Jesus. For us to accomplish anything even remotely like Him, he has to work through us. To act through us He has to live in us. He is a part of me and I am a part of Him. I am His hands with which I write. I am His voice with which I tell the world of Him and of His kingdom.

The bible says that Jesus is coming soon. For me, He cannot come soon enough. How am I supposed to go on with living when all I want to do is be with Jesus? Do not get me wrong, I do not have a death wish, just a desire to be with my Jesus.  I have pictured in my head how He looks, what he smells like and what it will feel like to be with Him. He is the only one who can fill the empty place that I carry in my heart. I feel this constant emptiness, but when I pray and meditate on Jesus, the empty feeling goes away. Being with Jesus is the only place that I can be complete. I am sure my inadequate attempt to imagine and describe Him is not the least bit how it will really be, but here in the confines of planet earth it is the best I can do.