I am 40

I wasn’t going to post about my birthday. I was not upset about it like I was when I turned 30. (That was a horrific experience.) I changed my mind about writing about it because it is important that I write what I feel right now at 40. When I am 80 I will be able to read it and remember this moment in my history. I want to reinvent myself. Not all of me just some of me. I am going to change my hair and loose some weight. I am going to change what I think about and my focus. I spend to much time thinking about negative things. I do not spend enough time talking to God and too much time talking to people. I spend too much time thinking about the past and not enough time living in the moment.

So the big change…spend my time as I should and focus on what is important.

Life is for living

Isn’t funny how the older we get the slower we get? We are told we should settle down when we grow up. We are expected to go to retirement homes to play dominoes. I don’t want to slow down and I definitely do not want to settle down. I really don’t want to, but my body is slowing down. I walk slower and even think slower. I hate that. I hope to stop this slowing down thing and speed up things. If I figured right I should have 40 or so years left to live and life is for living. I think I can save the being slow stuff for say 80 or 90. There are so many things I want to do. I want to write a few novels, travel to London, visit Rio during Carnival, ride in a hot air balloon, dance at both my grand kid’s weddings, get a tatoo, have a house built,ride a camel,  ring real church bells (you know with the big rope), ride the glass top train in Alaska and lots of roller costers, snorkel in lots of oceans, collect seashells,hit it big in Vagas, move to a small town, make some quilts, eat real curry in India, see the Taj Mahal,plant a sunflower garden, loose 100 lbs……and this is the short list.

Life is for living, doing, and leaving your mark on this world.


 Away From Me

If I were a little butterfly I would fly around the world until I found you. I would land softly on your shoulder and flutter my soft yellow wings next to your face. I would watch over you while you slept, tickle your nose when you cried, and a listen when you talked. I would never leave you. I am not a butterfly and you are not here. You are the one with the ability to fly…you are in my heart  and my soul. I will fly too one day and I will find you. This time apart is only a blink of an eye in the big scheme of things.  Forever…eternity is a long time….life on earth, not but a moment…a breath…a pen stroke….a smile. I miss you. Death of the body is not death of love, soul or life. These things remain.

© Lori L Riddles

 Disclaimer: Do not take this personal. This is only a piece of blog post fiction. Any resemblance of persons living or dead is strictly a coincidence.

One more day…

This is the first day of the rest of my life. I know that is not an original quote. I have heard it all my life. I would have to look it up to see who actually wrote it or said it first. (I will do that later) Just because it is an old quote does not make it less of a truth…a revelation. It is the first day of the rest of my life and yours. So the question remains, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to live life the same day after day after day after dull uneventful same old same old day? I am not going to do that. I am making changes and climbing out of the rut my life fell into when I was not paying attention and changing things. Simply put I am going to be me and to hell with the rest of the world if they don’t like it they can take a long walk off a short pier. ( Another not original quote of truism) So who’s with me? Let’s go change ourselves and in turn change the world.

Shame on You

I thought that it was over, but no. Once again someone I trusted left me out to dry and said things about me that are not true. It is such a shame that people think they have to degrade others to promote themselves. I guess that this is how it is going to be.  So my new motto love few, trust even fewer.