Addiction can be a good thing

I resisted for a long time but I let my well intended friends and family talk me into a Facebook account. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Not only can I share pictures of my family very easily, but I found my very best friend from 6th grade. We were inseparable. Like peas and carrots. We were cool, young, silly and happy. You remember being so cool that even if you weren’t cool, no one could tell you different? When the most important thing was who’s turn it was to have the sleep over at their house and trying to convince your parents that yes you HAVE to go to the skating rink EVERY Friday night. Well my side kick for those days was Susan. She and I were so cute. All the boys liked us. We knew we were not in the popular crowd yet, but we would get there before we hit high school. We sang our hearts out to Duran Duran and Journey, ate pop rocks, had feathered hair, wore pink Vans and mini skirts,had earrings with keys hanging off them, used tons of strawberry lip gloss, BFF for life written all over our SLAM books, and friendship bracelets. We were still innocent then. No broken hearts, made good grades, had never skipped school or smoked cigarettes in the girls bathroom and thought we would be best friends forever.

Life has a way of changing things like friendships and people. I moved away…we grew up and apart. If it wasn’t for my new addiction to Facebook, I may not have ever found her. Aren’t computers great?

She now has kids of her own, me too. I even have grand kids! We have alot of new things to share. Maybe we can be different friends now, with a little retro fun thrown in.

American Freedom

One of the best things about being an American citizen is first amendment of the constitution. Which reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

My blog and all blogs out there are visible proof that we Americans are responsibly living up to the standards established by our founding fathers. We use our rights to express our freedom of speech and practice our religious rights. I am honored that I can freely write whatever I want whether it is about religion or not without reservation of the government, public or any reader telling me that I can’t, shouldn’t , and don’t write that.

It is for these rights and the other rights we have as Americans that my son in law and other brave members of our armed forces are out there protecting. We have become complacent and taken these rights as everyday business as usual when at any point in time we could loose these rights. Other countries have lost rights or never had them as we do. We do not know how lucky we are to have the right to blog as we wish.

I for one intend to practice my rights on a regular basis as a way to honor the military who keep my rights protected and keep my freedom intact. So to those that say my posts are unimportant and that I should not use this medium for expressing my feelings or think that I am writing here just for attention, I say, get over it. Yes I am writing for attention….if you are reading this I got your attention and you should thank every Soldier, Marine, Sailor and uniformed service man or woman you see  for the fact that you have the right  and fredom to read this or not.

I am the Bomb

I have been very busy at my job. Got a new office, respect from top brass, and employees who support my efforts. Still, I have been spending too much time avoiding the drama that follows me around.  I am so over it…I am over the way grown people act like teenagers. Click click click, those who need clicks are too insecure to stand on their own skills and knowledge. I was so close to mending fences, accepting people as “that’s just how they are”, and making peace. I changed my mind when I found out that others were once again being fake. Saying to my face “We can work it out” but behind my back insulting my intelligence.  All I have to say to those involved  is laugh and high five now, because I will succeed, you will be shocked and unemployed. Just stand back and watch me accomplish what you only wish you could. I am younger, smarter, faster, and more efficient. I am what the leaders want. I am the thing they need. I will be the last one standing and laughing ….the difference between you and me….I have Jesus on my side….with His strength, I can do anything.

Deffinition  of      Last Laugh : the satisfaction of ultimate triumph or success especially after being scorned or regarded as a failure <She got the last laugh on her early critics>