Loss is loss no matter what you loose

Loss is a strange thing to deal with. I have lost pets, things that were special and even people who I love. It is strange that loss is not different in each case of loosing a loved one or thing. What is different is the degree of attachment that I have to the person or thing. The degree of attachment is directly equal to the degree of pain I feel when I experience the loss. Loss is loss…that is a stable unchanging fact. I can lose a rare book that I dearly love and not feel much grief. I won’t even shed a tear. I can lose my dog, my faithful loving companion, and I am devastated. Yet the element of loss is the same. Both are gone; both are irreplaceable. The difference is the way I feel about each one. Loss is loss. Someone close to me can lose the same thing, say the dog for example and feel no grief what so ever.  That person has a lesser degree of attachment to the dog than I do, but the dog is still gone.

Thinking this through made me realize that grief is such a selfish emotion. It is all about my attachment and the loss of the attachment more so than the loss of the thing. Oh poor me, I lost something I love. I can control  grief and I can control my attachment. Once I worked through that line of thought, I realized I should just stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with life. Selfishness is a sin.  I am not saying that  it is wrong to hurt over loosing a loved one. People have to go through the hurt of death of someone loved. It is the loss of love and attachment that we grieve. If I turn my thoughts away from  my loss and to God, I realize that I have nothing to grieve. He is in control and He ordained that I should lose the attachment. There is a lesson to be learned here. The lesson is selfishness is sin, grieving is a reaction to loss of attachment and God is in control of it all. Praise be to God for loss and grief.