Your Faith is Enough

Jesus…Jesus…Jesus….. Why am I a Christian? Being a Christian is not something I take lightly or for granted. I may wake up one day and not have the freedom to choose my religion. Being a Christina is a choice. I choose to follow the teachings of Jesus. Even as I think about this now I see where people who have no spiritual identity can look at me a Christian and think “This person is crazy? Why follow a dead man’s teachings?” With following Him comes responsibility of following the truth and not man’s version of the truth. What did Jesus really say? What did He really want me to do after he left earth?  I feel like a Christian floating around in this world with no direction. Same old same old day in day out….pray, work, church,family, pray pray pray…, church, family….on and on…..round and round where she’ll stop nobody knows….I want off!!! ( deep breath) What does God want from me???

Today the spinning stopped. I was driving to church this morning. I had the radio on my normal contemporary Christian station and a song titled “Your Grace is Enough”(Chris Tomlin) came on. I know this song, I have heard it a thousand times before, but this morning, I heard loud and clear, “Your faith is enough” what? Wait…that is not how that song goes. I kept listening…”Your faith is enough for me…for God”…..that’s it God wants my faith…after faith love follows.  Being a Christian  is simple, trust God, love God, have faith in God,  love each other, take care of each other, and spread the love of God through His son Jesus to everyone you encounter.

Whatever you do in life do it all for the love of God.

When I got to church,God spoke to me again. In the Bible lesson for today Paul told the Hebrews (11:1-3) “Faith is the assurance…” Then the priest said…”Love, it’s all about Love”

Thank you God for talking straight to me today. I am amazed by your tolerance of my doubt and the swift correction you gave me.I am unworthy to be even the dust on your feet. I will follow you and love with all my faith in you. In the name of your son Jesus. Amen.