2 Days to NaNoWriMo

I am like a giddy girl before her prom or first date. I am two days away from embarking on a 30 day adventure in to literary abandonment. 30 days of working up a sweat about descriptions, pouring out blood over plot and dialogue, cracking up with laughter when characters decided to practice free will, and crying myself numb with tears when writers block strikes await my future.

Other NaNoWriMos have writing parties planned and gatherings to help with motivation, I have no such plans. Writing for me is a solitary act. I just can’t see sitting somewhere with other people writing. I know that works for some but not for me. I may go to the library  or a coffee shop to write. Something about sitting in the company of strangers is soothing to me. The sounds of soft chatter of people or computer keys gives my creative brain a rhythm for writing. Strange how things make creating easier and familiar. At home must have a television on in another room or radio playing  if I am home alone. I just can’t write in complete silence.  Better than artificial sounds are the sounds of nature. Soothing and thought-provoking in an entirely different realm of being. Birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees takes my writing self to another place where my muse is waiting for me to give it some attention or whack me on the head.

The goal of completing a novel in 30 days is not to have a perfect specimen of literary genius at the end, but to have something that resembles a novel. I hope that at the end of the month of work that along with very sore and tired fingers I have a novel that will be worth the investment of polishing up for publication. Think about that? Maybe, just maybe there is somewhere in my brain a character as intriguing as any character in a great novel with the ability to attract millions of readers. One can hope. Maybe the pressure of writing on a tight deadline is just what I need to yank that charter out of the recesses of my creative closet.

Have you always wanted to write a novel, why not now! Consider the challenge of writing a 50, 000 word novel in 30 days. Think of the feeling of accomplishment if you by some chance pull it off. You will have the right to brag about your completed novel and they even have a t-shirt too!

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Giving and Compassion

I am thinking Christmas will be different this year. I want to teach my family a lesson about giving, compassion, and charity. Christianity is about having a servant heart. Christmas isn’t just celebrating the birth of Christ, it is about celebrating being a mirror of Christ.The spirit of Christmas is giving. How can we teach our children how to be generous and compassionate if we are not generous and compassionate?

I could at this point go into a rant about the commercialization of Christmas but you have all heard that complaint before. It is more than Santa with a sleigh full of toys, ho ho ho and all that jazz. It is about day in day out giving that seems to be lacking in our society. Our children see the latest gizmo on television and demand that we, parents, grandparents buy it for them. We encourage the behavior with a letter to Santa. We tend to forget about the closet full fo toys and gadgets that they have already demanded and received all year-long.

We as a society want our children to have nice things, to have what their friends have and to be happy to the point that we are sacrificing their generosity for others. We are not teaching them that it is better to give than to receive. We say to them, be a cheerful giver, as we hand them the next greatest toy since the bicycle. What do our children do to deserve all this wealth? Good grades, good behavior, good manners, yes sometimes but be honest with yourself. How many times have you given in to the tantrum and the “But Mommy. please???” face that you child laid on you with an extra dose of guilt because you had to work on their birthday or missed some other event that earned you the bad parent award.

As a result of years of this pacifying our children with toys and things, we have a society of your adults who are focused on self. They care more about their bottom line in the check book than the homeless guy sleeping on the side of the road. For our society to prosper this greed that is rampant in our culture must change. We see it in our children and in the adults they become. We must teach them to follow Christ and give all they have, not focus on what they can get out of us. How do we teach them to be giving and compassionate? We teach them by example.

What if we as a society as a whole gave all we have?

I challenge you to give. Give until it hurts, give until you have nothing left to give, give until you know that you must rely on God to go another day forward.

Give of your money, food, clothing, belongings, talent and time. All that we have belongs to God anyway. Nothing we own is truly ours in the first place. Give to those who need. Give out of the compassion of your heart. Do not give because someone tells you that it is what you should do, give your heart, love, money time, everything to honor God, to mirror Jesus. Give because He commands us to give.

This is the lesson I want for my family this holiday season. This is the gift I want to give them.

If you do this with me,  I guarantee your life will change. Your children will change and compassion will rule in your life.

Gut Reaction

I am really sitting here reeling about the events of the recent few days. I knew that things would happen the way they did. I felt it in my gut, in my heart, and in my soul. I knew it, still I was let down, hurt and disappointed. I let myself hope, to wish…to dream….Just maybe this once it would go the way I want it too, the way I need it too……Maybe I am not paying attention and God is trying to get my eyes on him and off me. Why God? I just don’t get it. I am looking God…really I am. I am doing all the right things. I have been praying a lot, but still not the answer I wanted or rather an answer I knew was coming that I hoped wouldn’t. I was praying it would not happen that way. No, it happened, yep, it did. I knew it. Am I praying for the wrong things? Maybe I am not thankful enough, humble enough, or sincere enough…..maybe I am just not enough. That is it, I am not enough…….but I knew that too. Maybe God is trying to force me to obey by making things hard…not the way I want. Maybe just maybe it isn’t about what I want but what God wants…..maybe I am not paying attention after all. Ok, God I get it….and I am paying attention.

Clocks Clocks Everywhere

Not paying attention to the clock was more difficult than I thought it would be.Through my week of the no time experiment I discovered a lot of things about time that I didn’t realize had control over my daily life. Some of the things add stress to and others prevent it.  I did manage to get up everyday without an alarm and make it to work on time.  I never noticed how many clocks are in my life. Everywhere I look there are clocks. I have five in my office alone. That means every where I turn during the day there is a clock. My home isn’t that bad, but I still have one in every room. I took out all the clocks I could. Some I had no choice and had to live with.

I also didn’t realize how my day is determined by the clock. Different things at work are done at different times and consistently at that time.  That structured schedule makes for a really comfortable day for me, but the moment something interrupts that schedule my stress level zooms straight up. Following a set routine keeps daily stress under control, but the stress that happens when things get off track is a result of the prison of time that I live in.  I want to change that.

How do I go about getting control of time instead of it controlling me? Time is a perception that has a blinking clock attached to it that makes the perception seem real. The problem is how do I removing the feeling of realness from time. That is when I realized that I can’t entirely do that. The sun rises and sets marking time. As much as humans want to be in control we can’t control the sun.

The results of my time experiment taught me that time is a necessary thing that we need, can’t do away with completely and something we need to control. For me, my OCD would not let me stop looking at the clock. There must be a balance to having to watch time and keeping time in your control. I have come to the conclusion that clocks and day planners are good if they are kept in their place. Do not allow them to control your life. Tell them who is boss. The other important thing to making time behave is every chance you get to be free of the clock, do it. Get away from it and ignore it. That is where the freedom lies.

Time Could Stand Still

“Time can be defined from many perspectives.  From perception view point time is an emergent concept which our mind creates. Present is the consciousness or awareness of recording of memory into the brain. Past is just a record while future does not exist. From point of view of physics time is presence of motion and forces in the universe.” (http://www.timephysics.com/)

Philosopher John Ellis McTaggart (1908)  theorized  that the passage of time is an illusion suggesting that only the present is real. Time is an invention of the human mind. We perceive the passage of time; however, time is not a real thing. I tend to agree with this theory when looking at time from a spiritual perspective. It is not scientifically right but it makes perfect sense to my incompatible to math brain.

I have been doing all sorts of research about time, as I realize I had in a sense paused time on my blog. I have been swamped with work and getting ready for the Spring semester that all I can think of is I need more time. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to get things finished, yet the day has the same amount of hours in it that every other  day. Today will have the same number of minutes as tomorrow.  There is never enough time. Why can a day have 34 hours in it? Would that be enough?

While I was pouting and complaining to God that he should have made the days just a bit longer it hit me. I am going about this time thing all wrong. I am allowing a self perceived thing to control me. I could almost hear God say, “Bingo, you got it.” I should be controlling time. Of course I can’t control it to the point of adding extra hours to my day, but I can control the way I handle my time.

I am not talking about buying yet another day planner and planning out every second. Actually, the opposite. I am going to try to stop time. Stop the clock watching, scheduling, frantic appointment keeping and stressing over time. If time is a human perception then I can change time by changing my perception. Of course I have to be at work on time and I do not want to be late for church on Sunday, but the rest of my day is not so time imperative.

Just think of how freeing this could be….