So It Begins

I applied and was accepted into FSU, that’s Florida State University. I just assume that everyone knows what it is and some of you non Floridians may not know. Anyway, I applied for the masters program and they accepted me. Then my first thought was “What the hell have I done?!”

Yeah, slight meltdown. I work full-time at a day job that pays the bills, I write as often as I can already and now I have added working toward a master’s degree in the mix. I am insane or a least a glutton for punishment.

So I then do what I always do when I think I am in trouble, I start intense negotiations with God. It goes something like this “God, am I doing the right thing? If I am let me know, send me a sign. Nothing to fancy just a lightning bolt or a chorus of angels.” That didn’t work so I continue with ultimatums. “God if you can show me what I need to do I will go to church more and do more for the needy.”

Well God didn’t send a sign, nope, that did not happen, imagine that. God knows me better than I do. He knows I very rarely miss church and I give what I can to the needy. I just have to be patient. I have to wait and pray. I know that going to school is the right answer, I got that answer in my gutt. It’s what I am going to do with it that I don’t know, what about my writing and what about my day job?

After some thought and prayer I allowed myself to get excited about graduate school! I am certain that God is leading me there, for what I have no clue but just going is the right thing to do!