Time? What time?

Why is there never enough time to do what we want to do? In the hurried life of this modern society people are running to things, away from things, for things, because of things, and running crazy. Don’t you think it’s time we slow down? What happened to porch swings? Have you noticed how few of those exist? It’s because we are too busy to slow down and just swing for a minute.

I think God wants us to be successful, but we are not serving Him with the right motivation if we don’t sit still once in a while. Stop the hamster wheel, I want off! What is happening to us that we think we have to be on the move all the time?

I have learned a few valuable lesson recently, life is so very short. Time keeps trucking right along whether we get everything finished or not. If we don’t do the important things and stop with this constant state of motion, we are going to miss something important, something God wants us to see.

Ok Ferris, I get it.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. — Ferris Bueller


What can I do to get over this exhaustion? I’m tired when even when I get plenty of sleep, I’m tired all the time. Life’s weight is wearing me out.

Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I am going to hold tight to the promise of God. I can not do this alone and neither can you. If you need rest, rest in the Lord. He promises to make our burden light, but He does not promise to taken our burdens away. His vow to us is that He will never leave us. He will walk with us and help us carry the load.
Trust the in the Lord. He will not let you be tired forever.

Worship God

Last night a group from my church family went to see Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Royal Taylor and Lindsey McCall in concert. The music was great, the show was flashy and the prayer was intense. Worship music is one way to praise God, and there is nothing wrong with moving closer to God through music. Sometimes prayer through music is the best way to get your heart, mind and soul back in sync with God’s still small voice. Worship is more than a display of feelings and emotion that often come with praise through music. Worship should be what your service is based on.

What qualifies as  worship? Is it only music, prayers, or some other mystical thing? I believe that worship is anything you do that you give God the glory for or that you use to share the Gospel with someone else. “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor 10:31) Everything we do must be for His glory. Worship is then everything we do for God. It doesn’t matter if what you do is a small thing for a neighbor or a big thing like publishing a song. Just pray first, follow your heart, and act for the greater good of humanity.

Praise and worship must be the foundation of your service, prayer your guidance and the Word of God your rule.

Example of Love

Today was a special day at my church. Today our priest, Father Jeff had a retirement ceremony at our church, Holy Cross Episcopal Church. Fr. Jeff is not only our priest but he is , a  just retired, Army Chaplin. He served in Iraq and other places. What fascinated me about the service today was not the pageantry of it, or the wonderful well deserved sentiments that were given and received. What was amazing to me is that this one man has bridged the gap between people of different church denominations into one family of Christ. There were people there from other walks of life, different churches and towns. Yet, we worshiped God as one body of believers. Fr.  Jeff’s ministry has forever linked people from countless walks of life. His work has made me realize that the bottom line to being a Christian in this life is serving others in love no matter where they came from, what church they ascribe to, or what nationality they are. Love, service, but mostly love is the work of a Christian, and Fr. Jeff is the embodiment of that life.  He has taught us that to truly serve God is to help our fellow-man. Not all men could survive all the brave things that Fr Jeff faced in his military career. He has proved that through a life of service that dignity, love of people, and helping others by placing their needs before your own are the corner stones of being a true follower of Christ. Whats more, you and I can live our version of that life, we can follow Christ by serving our community where we are with what we have. That is the strongest lesson of all. God has called us to love our neighbors and take care of them. We are to be the light of Christ’s love here, now.

I am truly blessed, humbled and honored to be a part of Holy Cross Episcopal. I hope we continue to follow Fr. Jeff’s example by loving our neighbors, serving them where they have need, and never lose sight that we do all that we do because of Jesus Christ. It is His cross of grace that Holy Cross is living for, His love we are sharing.

Thank you Fr Jeff.

Love & Peace

Sight Unseen

I had my eye exam yesterday and I was told that I have to get new glasses. Last year I was given my first pair of bifocals. I am not old enough to have granny glasses. I was not happy. Yesterday I was told that the bottom on the bifocals, the reading part had to be “bumped up a notch”. Great, going blind am I? I was ashamed of myself. I should just be thankful that can see at all. Sight is a gift from God. We think of seeing as a normal everyday thing. What if we can’t see? How would things go in your life if you could not see? You would have to depend on others to tell you where things were or maybe you would be one of those lucky people with a service dog.

Sight is mentioned in the bible several times, I haven’t counted them , but it seems that sight was important enough to mention it more than once. When Moses was on the mountain he was told not to look on God or he would not live. The seraphim in Isiah are covering their eyes. Then there is the blind man who Jesus restored his sight.  God’s majesty and beauty would be dangerous for human eyes to behold yet Jesus we see in all his glory on the mont of transfiguration and as he ascends up to heaven. This is an interesting comparison. We are not to look on God but we are to look to Jesus.

Whats more amazing is that in the book of John chapter 17, Jesus prays for those who believe in him without seeing him! He prays for the disciples and then he prays for us. He prays for the ones who will believe in him through the Word not sight. We believe through faith in things not seen. Christians believe in a Savior we have never seen in the physical sense. This one aspect of Christianity is very difficult for non believers to grasp. How can you believe in something you do not see? I hear that comment all the time when talking to a particular atheist I know.  You Christians have faith in fairy tales and stories they say, not in real things.

As a Christian this challenge is not an easy one. When we are confronted with the challenge of sharing the gospel with others, especially those who claim there is no God, we need to explicitly explain how we know Jesus without seeing Jesus. It is imperative that we tell others about our relationship with the living Christ. Tell them how you met Jesus. Tell them how He has changed your life. Tell them what He has done for you. They have to hear this from us and they need to hear it sooner than later. We need to tell them before it is too late. Jesus is real and they must hear that from us.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) Share your faith with others so they can also see Jesus. Our faith is the evidence. Our faith is what others will see. This is our Christian responsibility and it should never be taken lightly. One day you and I will answer to God for what we do with this faith and this mandate from Christ to share the Gospel.

How will you share your faith? How will you share the evidence of Jesus Christ? How will you share the miricle of things not seen?

Only Hope

There is Hope for the stress and work of this life. Jesus came to earth to give us hope. When you feel that nothing is going right in your day to day life, turn to Jesus. When you think you just can’t do this any more, Jesus is waiting. He is waiting for you to get to that low point where the only place you can look for help is to Him. Look up to Jesus, he is waiting. He doesn’t promise life will not have troubles or that it will get easier, but He promises to be there for the entire ride.

“There is Hope
Where there were questions,
Jesus came along and answered them-
Yes, I love you.
Yes, there’s hope.
Yes, all things are possible
in peace, in rest…in Me.”
-Trieste Van Wyngarden

Regret is the Tool of Evil

Regret is such a mean thing. It can haunt your days and keep you up at night. If regret is controlling you, tell it to stop. Regret is not our prison warden. Let it go, give the regret to God. Let Him take it and replace it with His peace. “Formerly, when you did not know God, you were in bondage” (Gal 4:8) but now you know God. Regret is a manipulation of evil. There is no place for it in the life of a Christian.