God is my Stability

God is my stability in this storm of insanity. I have been complaining a lot about my life. How tired, stressed, unhappy and sad I am has been my mantra. How unfaithful is that of me? Very unfaithful. I have to stop that complaining. I have to be a light in the world, a city on a hill. I am called to be a witness of Jesus, yet I am a whining mess of a human being these days. I am not sure how to get myself out of this funk, rut, pit, hole, whatever it is. I am to the point that all I can do is look up. I am flat on my back in a dark hole and all I can do is look to God to get me out of it. I feel weak. I feel like a failure, when in my heart I know I am not.

I know I am smart, strong, helpful, loved, and God’s own.  I am going to do something different, grand and important. I know that there is more to life than what the world tells us is right and wonderful. I know whatever it is God has planned for me is better than what I can plan for myself.

A person once told me it is never the wrong time to do what is right, always do the right thing. That is very wise advice. That is Godly advice. What is right for me today is to look at God for my answers. I am going to cling to Him instead of my own devices. I am going to listen to His word instead of the garbage the world is trying to sell me. I am going to do what God says is right, no matter if other humans like it or not. It is not about pleasing them or even pleasing myself, it God who I have to answer to at the end of this life. Whatever this life of mine is, I am responsible to God.

God is my stability in this storm of insanity and it  is time that I did the right thing.


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