Example of Love

Today was a special day at my church. Today our priest, Father Jeff had a retirement ceremony at our church, Holy Cross Episcopal Church. Fr. Jeff is not only our priest but he is , a  just retired, Army Chaplin. He served in Iraq and other places. What fascinated me about the service today was not the pageantry of it, or the wonderful well deserved sentiments that were given and received. What was amazing to me is that this one man has bridged the gap between people of different church denominations into one family of Christ. There were people there from other walks of life, different churches and towns. Yet, we worshiped God as one body of believers. Fr.  Jeff’s ministry has forever linked people from countless walks of life. His work has made me realize that the bottom line to being a Christian in this life is serving others in love no matter where they came from, what church they ascribe to, or what nationality they are. Love, service, but mostly love is the work of a Christian, and Fr. Jeff is the embodiment of that life.  He has taught us that to truly serve God is to help our fellow-man. Not all men could survive all the brave things that Fr Jeff faced in his military career. He has proved that through a life of service that dignity, love of people, and helping others by placing their needs before your own are the corner stones of being a true follower of Christ. Whats more, you and I can live our version of that life, we can follow Christ by serving our community where we are with what we have. That is the strongest lesson of all. God has called us to love our neighbors and take care of them. We are to be the light of Christ’s love here, now.

I am truly blessed, humbled and honored to be a part of Holy Cross Episcopal. I hope we continue to follow Fr. Jeff’s example by loving our neighbors, serving them where they have need, and never lose sight that we do all that we do because of Jesus Christ. It is His cross of grace that Holy Cross is living for, His love we are sharing.

Thank you Fr Jeff.

Love & Peace

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