Virsus, Cough and Fever, Oh My!

I have spent all day in the bed. I have a case of I don’t know what! Makes me wonder why God created viruses? What good are they really? I am sure He had some reason for them but I could surely do without them! What’s worse my doctor is out of the office on Wednesday! Nice! So I am suffering until tomorrow morning. I have not called out sick from work in just over three years! Ugh! Broke my long-standing record! I hate that!

What about other icky things? Worms and bugs come to mind. Why God? I guess the why isn’t important and I know that biologists out there could respond with all sorts of research of the good things these icky creatures do for the world. I really don’t need to know.

What I need is a cure for bronchitis, flu or whatever this is that is tormenting me today! How can I continue on my mission to save the world if I can’t breathe or can’t stop coughing?

I think I am going to crawl back  up in my bed and sleep the rest of this day. Do prayers travel faster to heaven when you are sick? I sure hope so!


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