It’s Official

I didn’t manage to post anything yesterday due to going to the doctor and being diagnosed with pneumonia. I hate being sick. On the bright side I have been able to read a lot the past couple of days while I am stuck in the bed. So, I started cruising the best seller list on the Barnes & Noble web site. What is all the hype about Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? My first thought was,  “Young people dying for entertainment? Really?!” I am still not sure if I will like it or not.

I understand the premise, though intriguing, it is not original. There are myths where children are sent to their death and history is full of games that end with death and survivors. The popularity of “Hunger Games” speaks to the character of our society. Not just that book, but others too that promote legends, evil plots and death. These stories seem to fly off shelves and fly in to movie theaters even quicker. What happened to the love of literature? What happened to authors the likes of Jane Austin, Hemingway, Faulkner, and others who wrote of other human situations. I am not taking a stand against “Hunger Games” or other books that use such dark subjects, I am making an observation of our society and what we are reading.

It fascinates me to look at what is popular and what is selling. As a writer I want to stay on top of trends and tastes of the reading public. More often than not I am left wondering what the appeal is to death, vampires, murder and others. I am no different from the average reader. I will sit down with a good murder mystery in a heart beat. Why is it that even those like me who love God, are devoted to Christianity still are drawn to dark subjects?

I think we crave the ending. We need to know that at the end of a horrific story that good always wins. We need to belive that good always concurs evil. When in reality, things do not always turn out that way. Just turn on the news and see for yourself. There are daily stories of children being abducted, people all over the world are starving,  murderers being convicted, soldiers being killed by enemies, stock markets falling, homes being foreclosed on and people are being laid off. Reality is in our face with evil everyday. Good looses out every day. As bad as our world is at this moment in history and as awful some of the events of the past have been, it is as it should be.

As Christians we are not promised a perfect life or a life without evil. We are promised that if we stand firm in the Word of God, we will be saved in the end. At no time are we promised not to have hurt or bad out comes along the way to that end. We are not promised to have lives without suffering, sickness, and heartache. We are only promised that if we remain faithful to the one true God we will be saved from all this mayhem at the end of it all. That promise that good will prevail motivates us to look for it all over the place. We want to hear about the hero or heroine who defeats the evil villain, the leader of a government takes care of the oppressors and protect their citizens, the parent who searches for their missing child and finds them, and the charity who fights against all odds to feed a group of starving natives. We need to believe that good is going to prevail. If we do not have that hope then we start to question our faith and worse we question God.

We need to keep our desire for the story of good versus evil in balance with our knowledge of reality, and with our faith in God. We can not allow ourselves to believe the myth that good with out God can concur evil. It can not. That is the myth of our modern world. Good people can not on their own destroy evil. Out culture promotes the self-will of good people in our entertainment, but we must remember that all good comes from the one true God. That is just the truth of the matter. God wins. Good that comes from God defeats evil. Well deserving smart brave and heroic people can not defeat evil on their own without God.  End of story.

5 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. This book is honestly just really good. I thought the same thing. And then I caved last weekend and read all three books in three days. It was kind of insane but I was literally hungry to read the next book in the series. They are thrilling and imaginative. You should read them.

    • Thanks for the comment Cassie. I do intend on reading it, I am a wierd story junkie. 🙂 We have to keep our desires for the weird in balance with our faith. We can’t let it take over.

  2. I’m a first time visitor and commenter. I saw the word pneumonia and I remember hearing that vitamin E and cod liver oil can help get rid of the cough you might have in just days. Just FYI.

      • It comes in a capsule just like the vitamins do. Trust me it works. Also you can gargle with Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Stops a sore throat in its tracks. I promise you that you will be feeling better in no time.

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