It Isn’t Easy

I had a conversation the other day with someone who is having a hard time with life. His wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 32 and he is mad at God. He was asking me why God does this sort of thing to people. I think my response is worth sharing. I told him this.

“God does not afflict people to be mean. I don’t believe that God afflicts people at all. I do belive that God allows certain things to happen in out lives for a reason. There is no telling why your sweet young active wife has MS. Maybe God has something special for her to accomplish through this and that is why He allowed this to happen. No matter what the reason you can not question God, or at least you shouldn’t. You need to trust that He has this thing under control and that what ever happens for and to  you and your wife is the will of God. Do not lose faith, trust God.”

I have heard this sort of thing before. People think that when they become a Christian that their life will be a walk in the park full of rainbows and sunshine. While yes begin a Christian is very rewarding in a lot of ways, God does not promise us no more problems or a perfect worry free life. I find that the walk of a Christian looks more like the life of Job, Martha, Ruth, Peter and others who struggled. I mean really, what gives us the right to ask God to take away our problems. It’s like we are bargaining with God. “Ok, God I am a Christian I accepted your Son now, make my life a walk down easy street why don’t ya?” What makes us think that we can ask God for special treatment? He handles all His children just as they need to be handled.

It just isn’t that way. It isn’t meant to be an easy walk.  We are to trust God in all our circumstances good and bad. We have to seek His will in the rough times and give Him praise of thanksgiving in the good times. That is what the Christian walk is all about. Trusting that the One who loves us has a perfect path for us. It is our job to live it with thanks and trust.


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