Real Murders By Charlaine Harris

I am not a big mystery fan but this one I liked. It is about a mild-mannered librarian who has a strange attraction to real murder stories. She forms a club like a book club that meets to talk about real life murders. It is all fun and games until a real murder happens to one of the group members. The librarian, Aurora turns into a private detective gone rogue. Aurora (ROE) finds one of their members dead but the staging of the body appears exactly the same as a murder that they are about to discuss at the meeting that night.  The police are not interested in the theory of someone copying the ancient murder. When  other people are killed with details replicating other renowned murders, the towns folk start to get a bit nervous. Along with her male friend the mystery writer they help the small town police of Lawrenceton solve the murder and others. I give this book a 3 star rating because it is slow in parts but it is very good. It is part of a series and I intend to read them all.

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