The Map of True Places By Brunonia Barry

On a whim I bought two books off a discount stack at the grocery store. You know the kind, 2 books for 10 bucks. The Map of True Places drew me to it because of its cover. Ok, I know, that is no way to buy a book, but I am so glad that I did. The story is about a young psychiatrist named Zee who moves home to take care of her elderly father. Her mother committed suicide when she was a teenager which drove her to a life of crime stealing boats. The story takes grown up Zee through the miseries of dealing with her father and discovering her own dreams for life. Her life take a drastic turn when one of her clients jumps off a bridge to her death. The story is dramatic and yet something pulls at your heart  to love Zee. Maybe it is the crazy person in all of us that needs to read other people’s crazy story. I am sure you will like this book. Now off to read the other bargain I found.

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