Emotional Faith

I am sitting at a conference as I write this, a Christian women’s conference. I am enjoying the speakers and the contemporary music. As I watch the women around me I can’t help but notice how many are crying. Now I get that most women are emotional by nature. I am not given to tears and my emotions are usually well behaved. I understand that when confronted with praise and prayer that it can and will bring some people to tears. I’ve been there, but if that is as far as your faith gets then something is wrong, deeply wrong.

There is no doubt that loving God and living for Christ is emotional but if you dwell there you won’t get to the substance of God and your relationship with Him. You must get real with God when you give your soul to Him. You must confront your sin in the presence of God and if that sends you to your knees in an emotional state, then so be it. It’s what happens next when you get up, dry your tears and accept the Grace of God that you build your faith on.
Seeing your sin the way God sees it will not happen. We, with human limitations can’t but we can face it for what it is and give it to God.

There is nothing wrong with being so in love with the living God that you cry. It’s what you do with that love that matters.

Don’t miss out on seeing the power of God and tapping in on that to do the work of God because you are misty eyed.

Being a Christian is much much more.