Monday, Monday

I am so happy today is Monday! Why you ask, why not be like the rest of the world who are posting on Facebook and Twitter that the weekend it over, woe is me I have to go to work… hoo….ok, I have done the same thing, posted the same negative sentiments….a lot! Today I chose to be different. I chose to have a marvelous monday. The sun is shining and I am alive. Could be much worse, I could have not woke up this morning. The Bible tells us,

1 Thessalonians 2:12 (CEV)12 We begged, encouraged, and urged each of you to live in a way that would honor God.

Waking up and being negative because it happens to be a Monday is not honoring God for the blessing of the new day, even a Monday. Maybe you were not supposed to wake up and God allowed you to wake up one more day! I encourage you to honor God today in your work, in your home and in all aspects of your life. Things could have been different today, so celebrate that you are alive, you are a child of God and you have another opportunity to live out a Monday for His glory. Be happy for a beautiful Monday!


Thank you for Monday. I pray that every person who reads this has a good day and please bless them with happiness to share your glory on this Monday.