No is Not an Ugly Word

I have been out of touch for a few days. I had great plans for this blog then life happened. That is what happens though. We plan and God laughs. How many of us can look back to the us who was say eighteen or so and say, “Yep, I am right where I expected I would be right now.”  I bet not even half of the human race can do that. I planned to be living in Europe, with a flat overlooking the Thames in London, writing novel after novel and dancing in the moon light. I live a completely different life in Florida. Not that I have a bad life, I don’t. I have a family who I adore, a decent job, a couple of novels finished, sort of and I write for you. The facts are we may plan out our life and God will still have the last say as to what really happens.

Does this mean we shouldn’t plan but rather just let God do what God does? No I think we should plan, but we must pray about every plan. Just like I planned to write on the blog for you every day, but work and other obligations keep me from it. At first I felt guilty. Then I realized that God has things I must do and if I do not do those things my life is not in balance. Sometimes it is more important to keep your life balanced and it is definitely important to keep yourself right with God than it is to get things done.

If you have to place something on hold to do something else that you know God wants you to do, then to it and do not feel guilty. If you have to explain why you changed your course to your family and friends then explain it. The important thing is that you are true to God and true to your calling. Your family and friends will understand. The hardest part is haveing to say “NO” to someone you love because you know that the way you are going is not the way that God wants you to go in the first place. Even then, do not feel guilty.

Be brave and follow God’s will for you life despite that challenges of time, family and resources. You will be a better person in the end because of it.