Active Expectation

Life is full of expectations. We wonder about jobs, kids, money, college, and just about everything else in our lives. Expectation is a fact of life. We are hard-wired with a curiosity that makes us wonder about the unknown in a way that makes expectations a part of who we are.

God wants us to wait for the return if Jesus with expectation, but we are not to be docile. Waiting with expectation is an active thing. WE are to anticipate what needs to be done to follow the will of God, and do it. We pray and continue to work to reach the world and share the love of God. We do not have time to sit and meditate. We must move and ast as God wills or evil wins. Every bit of lazy ness in the children of God gives a little ground.

I know that this may sound a bit different form what you are used to hearing. Christianity is a lot more than just singing, praying, and fellowship in church on Sunday. We have to feed the hungry and cloth the poor. This is active waiting, active expectation. This is how we are proof of God’s love.

I challenge you to wait actively with excepectation of the coming of God’s kingdom.


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