Busy & Confused

I was so busy at work today. I had no less than 149 emails, 86 phone messages and 48 visitors! I am so tired. I was so busy today that I didn’t talk to God all day. Ok, that isn’t entirely true I prayed before I left home and said small little “Help Me” prayers through out the day.

Isn’t it terrible that even though I prayed I still feel like I did not hear God all day? The distractions of this life are loud and demanding. They pull our attention this way and that way. Before we know it we are off on our own somewhere without the voice of God. I really don’t like that place. The thing is we don’t realize where we are untill we stop and look up or away from what has distracted us. Then we say, “Wait, how did I get here?”

1 Cor 14:33 “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.”

Busy and then confused. That is the perfect description of my day.


Please take away the things that distract me from you, from hearing your voce and feeling your love.



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