The Storm is Coming

As I sit here watching the tropics and preparing for Issac to possibly knock on my door for a visit,  I am perplexed at how so many people do not take nature seriously. I mean there is a storm coming and maybe you should consider getting prepared if you live somewhere along the path it is taking. The attitude among those I spoke to today is more of a “Who cares?!” than a “Let’s get ready.”  As one who has lived on the Gulf Coast for a long time. I am not going to play with nature when it send a hurricane my way. When a storm comes I am going to prepare for the worst, do what I can to be safe, and pray that God steers it in a different direction.

In the same way we prepare for the natural storms, we can prepare for the other storms in life. We can’t stop the storms coming  into our lives, but there are things we can, must prepare for while we watch for signs of the storms as they blow into our world. For instance, we should prepare for financial difficulty, illness, or even death, ours or a loved one. We can not go through life with a “Who Cares?” attitude. I am not saying don’t trust God, of course we trust Him. I am saying to use the good sense God gave you to prepare for what you can. God does not promise us a carefree life. The storms will come and they will blow our trees round. We need to know how to batten down the hatches and arm ourselves for the wind we can’t control. If we go through life with no regard to the storms, we will be tossed and battered.

God offers us the answers we need to weather through the storms. God’s word can be our lantern for the times the wind howls and our electricity is knocked out. It can be the bucket we use when the roof of our life starts to leak from the pouring rain. It can even be our shields on the windows to our hearts,  when the full force hurricane gusts blow us down.

We can not predict when the storms in life will hit like the weather experts can predict the hurricanes, but the storms will come. We can not know how hard the winds will blow or how difficult the aftermath clean up will be. We can be prepared by studying God’s word and trusting that if we do as He asks, He will protect us. God will see us through the storms. Be prepared.

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