The Truth about Life

I woke up today feeling mentally beat down and physically exhausted. I have spent the last few weeks, months maybe years being someone who I do not like very much.  My first thought was just stay in bed. Really, what do you have to do today? That thought lasted about 3 minutes because I have a lot of things to do today. Then I thought, what if I only did the things that are absolutely necessary? Nothing but what I really must do, then do only what I want to do? Sounds good in theory, so I am going to give that a try.

Instead of allowing circumstances or others decide what my day will be like I am doing this day my way. (Did anyone else just hear Elvis in the back ground? Maybe Mr Gyrating Hips was on to something.) This may be easy on a weekend day, so just for grins if today goes well I will try it for this entire week.

Yes you hear right, for an entire week I am doing things my way! I am only going to do A. Only do things I absolutely have to do work, school, eat, bathe, ……and B. Do only those things I want to do read, write , school. ( I know but school goes on both lists)

What do you think your day would look like if you did those two things A. must dos and B. want to Dos? What sort of things would your family and friends say about you? They have gone nuts? He/she is insane? Rude?He/she doesn’t love me any more? What the heck is wrong with you?

Challenging thought?

Most of us spend half our lives doing things that other people want us to do. If you could choose what you did, who you helped, how you acted, how you talked, walked, ate,how you shopped, what you read, listened too, watched on TV and yes controlled the remote? How different would your life be? Would it be much like it is now? Now those are the lucky ones…….I want that don’t you? Think about it, a life of being real, being you. Not the you your family wants, not being the you that your friends want, not being the you that society says you are……just being the you that God made. Being the real you.


I think one of the first steps to serving God is being true to yourself. Not being some cookie cut out person who walks and talks and does all things in the vain of someone else’s desires. Be yourself for Christ’s sake!



(No where’s that Elvis CD)