What if you are wrong?

I am always amazed when I get into a conversation with someone who says that there is no god.  Somewhere in that person’s soul there is a part that knows better. It comes across as a glimmer of doubt, a what if, or an apprehension about leaving a legacy. Some ignore it, bury it some place deep and pull it up later. Others just believe that we who know God are just plain crazy. We might be, but we know who invented crazy. We are fine with crazy. Others wait until they are on their death-bed, then they say, “Oh hell! What was I thinking?!” Hopefully someone is there to explain what they have been thinking before they slip away. Others know as sure as they are standing here that there is no god, no afterlife, no meaning other than to live and die.  They ignore everything that is from God. They explain it away, explain God away.  Others say, “If God is real I could see Him.” or “When God speaks to me in a cloud of glory or a burning bush I will believe he is real.”

Now, I am not unfamiliar with explaining away God. I did it for years. God was a mysterious father in heaven that was watching me from there keeping tally of my wrongs. I thought just maybe God is a fairy tale and I have nothing to worry about. Then I thought, OK, on the off-chance that He is real, I will learn all I can by studying the Bible. If God is a fairy tale then I have lost nothing  and if He is real, then I have dodged hell while getting very smart learning about the Bible as literature.

The strange thing is that as I read and learned God became real to me. The words lead me to Him.  I started to see Him in everyday things, in my daily life. At first,  I found myself dipping into doubt then soaring up to… wait, God He is real. Eventually I found myself on an even sense that I was not alone, that God was with me. I can’t explain how I know He is here. I just know. God is a real presence in my life.

I didn’t have a hallelujah moment where I was visited by angels or had a vision. My belief in God became real when God became real in my life. God became real when I stopped ignoring the doubt, allowed myself to be comfortable with others thinking I am crazy, and deciding that I will learn all I can about God and…here is the most important part, I decided to trust God, live for God. It was a conscious decision to accept God. Later I accepted not only God but His son. By the way, Jesus is real too.

I challenge you to take a few minutes to get to know who God is. Don’t wait for a sudden sky filled with chorus of angels or a burning bush that talks. The few minutes will grow to hours and you will find God or you will ignore God. The choice is yours.

But what if you ignore it and you say there is no god?

What if you are wrong?



2 thoughts on “What if you are wrong?

  1. Great challenge! I have heard so many testimonies from people who sincerely investigated God and the Bible in an attempt to disprove it but came to faith in the process. No many simply don’t put the time in and ignore God.

    • The ones who try to disprove God are often the ones He uses after He knocks them on their hind parts. Look at Paul! 🙂 I was not looking to disprove God while I was on my search I was doing some thing much worse, self preservation. Placing myself above God. Glad I figured that one out before it was to late.
      Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you like it enough to return!

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