More Wine Please

Wine is so yummy. I know I have heard it too. “Christians should not drink.” Really? Says who? The bible says that drunkenness is bad. Not wine. Actually it is the over indulgence or love of anything  food, money, wine, shopping… can insert anything in that blank……it is the love of those things that is the sin not the thing itself. Placing anything above Jesus in your heart is the sin. I figure if my savior can turn water into wine, I can drink it.

OK, I didn’t really plan to write about wine today but it was just a thought that hit me when I was listening to some crazy TV preacher talking today. Maybe we shouldn’t  drink wine. Maybe we shouldn’t wear makeup. Maybe we shouldn’t cut our hair. I am thinking that God has much more important things to worry about than my few glasses of wine, my hair cut and my wardrobe.

Being a Christian isn’t about what you wear, how you cut your hair or if you drink a glass of wine once a day even. It is about your heart. Is Jesus at the center of your heart? Is He at the center of all you do?

I think that when it comes time to meet the Lord He will ask me who did I love? Who did I serve? I know I am forgiven and I am doing the best I can to love everyone as Jesus would have if He was here. I put Him at the center of my life and all that  I do,  I do for Him. I know I am accepted by the Grace of God alone.

I am doing what I can to live out my commitment to Christ, love my neighbor as myself, and praise God the entire way.  That is all I can do anyhow.

Whether I do that with a glass of wine in my hand or not, I am doing it all for the glory of the Lord.

If you disagree that’s fine. Find me the verse in the Bible that says that I can’t be saved if I cut my hair, wear eyeliner, jeans and drink wine?

That’s what I thought, but I love you anyway!

Now where is that cork screw?


2 thoughts on “More Wine Please

  1. First post I’ve read of your blog, and I have to say it really hit home with me. I never thought it was wrong to have a little to drink, but I know a lot of Christians who think it’s wrong. Glad to know I’m not the only one! 🙂

    • There is plenty of biblical truth to support what I wrote. When I have more time I will elaborate. Of course those opposed can support their stance too by pulling a few verses together and stretching them out. 🙂 Thanks for reading, I’m glad you could relate! Hope you like it enough to read a few more posts! L

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