Today I walked

I bought the shoes and I looked at them for a few days. Then I wore them to work for a few days. Then I prayed. “God let me do this for you. Let me get healthier for You.” Today I walked. I didn’t walk far, but I did get up and walk. I leashed up Kerby and we struck out down the road. Funny how when you only have the sound of your feet on the pavement and your heart in your chest that you mind decides to get noisy. That nasty little voice that said, “What good is a short walk going to do?” “You really should walk everyday, this won’t help?” Then the mean thing says, ” Why are you wasting your time?” I quickly said to that voice of hate and discontent, “Shut up!” and kept walking.

Friends, if you don’t think that evil can invade your personal space, just try to do something to improve your life for the glory of God. If you think that evil only works in big ways that make the news, then make a commitment to do something for someone just to praise God. Evil is in this world and is active in our day to day lives.

Today it was in my head trying to convince me that I am worthless and what I do for God is a waste of time.

My grandmother said that the devil can’t read your thoughts. I am not so sure of that. I haven’t done the biblical research yet, but I think my sweet grandmother had it just a bit wrong.

I believe that evil can read your thoughts if you allow it. I am not allowing any of those thoughts to stay in my head for long.

I will keep walking and praying.





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Kerby the Beagle

Kerby the Beagle

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