In An Instant

Last Tuesday Mr Poland had no idea that it would be the day his life would end. He made his usual cup of  coffee, did his usual pre-trip walk around of the big yellow school bus, and went about his normal every day routine. He picked up the kids took them to school and picked them up for the ride home like any other day Something happened when he wasn’t expecting it. A man, maybe a crazy man, came to a bus stop with a gun and an intention to harm. He wanted two children, he said, but Mr. Poland said no. Mr. Poland protected the children on the school bus the only way he knew how. He stepped in front of them, between the children and the evil, ushering them away from the man with the gun. As a result, the man shot Mr. Poland.

I bet Mr. Poland never thought in all his years driving a school bus that a man with a gun would come to a bus stop to steal his precious  cargo. None of the parents of  the children’ on the school bus that day thought a man would take a child from what is supposed to be one of the safest places for a child, on a school bus with a caring driver. In an instant, their world, and ours changed.

Evil growing in leaps and bounds. School children are no longer safe. People enjoying a movie are no longer safe.  People standing at a grocery store listening to a congress woman speak are not safe. You take your life in you own hands if you simply take a nice evening stroll down your neighborhood street.

Make new gun laws some people say. Take all the guns and lock them away others say. Tighter laws on crime say even more. Strict penalties for buying certain guns.  Yes, civil changes,  control society,  yes that is the answer they shout from the steps of every court and government house in the union.

Maybe some of those things will help but, I doubt it. The shout comes from the scared, We have to do something. We must fight for our lives.

Christians, where are you? What are you doing? It isn’t time to be soft and meek Christians. It is time to get your armor of prayer, fight for good, get loud proclaim what is right.

Stand strong in what you believe is truth. Remain faithful to God.

Evil is coming. It is just a matter of time before it is on your doorstep too. Will you fight and protect what is good, like our brother Mr. Poland? Oh we say it, yes we will protect all good at any cost, Really? I keep looking for the rise up of Christians, the voice of many, yet I only hear a faint few……..Evil is here and evil is moving.

Where are the Christians?

“You blessed them with a kingdom and with an abundance  of rich, fertile land, but they refused to worship you or turn from their evil.” Neh 9:35


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