What Did You Get?

How was Valentine’s day for you? Did you get a beautiful vase of flowers, candy, a card, or a date at a fancy restaurant where the appetizers cost as much as your car? I heard a lot of talk the past two days about how disappointed people were with Valentine’s Day. Women whining that the went all out for their husbands and boyfriends who either forgot or gave them only a card. One girl I know got a gift sent to her by her husband through Facebook. Facebook? Who does that? It wasn’t just women complaining. Men were too. One man I know took his wife to a very nice restaurant and then he was mad that she didn’t even get him a lousy card. For a holiday that is supposed to be filled with love and compassion, there sure wasn’t much love going around.

I happen to be one of those women who didn’t even get a card from my husband. I didn’t whine or complain. My friend asked, “so what did you get?” At first I said nothing. Then I gave it some thought. I did get something. Early in the day I got a text from my husband, in the middle of a stressful moment at work that said,”I luv u my valentine!” I smiled and knowing he was thinking about me got through the rest of the day.  When I got home and  gave my husband the card I had picked out for him on my way home, he read it and smiled. I got a hug and a kiss. Then I got a heart felt, “I love you.” He was sincere and meant it from the bottom of his heart. Isn’t that what Valentine’s day is about? Sincere displays of love?

I told one person, who by the way was in tears explaining to me how she didn’t get a thing for Valentin’s day, that wouldn’t it be better to not expect a thing then when it doesn’t happen you will not be disappointed? Rather than look for something, look for nothing and embrace the love when it comes your way. You will protect your heart from sadness and then when the love comes, it will be sweeter than you could have dreamed.

Love each other every day, not just on Valentine’s Day with cards, candy and roses. Be sincere about your displays of love and stopped expecting love in the form of gifts. Love is not supposed to be this difficult, people.

And what if I had faith
that moved mountains?
I would be nothing,
unless I loved others.
What if I gave away all
that I owned
and let myself
be burned alive?
I would gain nothing,
unless I loved others.
Love is kind and patient,
never jealous, boastful,
proud, or rude.
Love isn’t selfish
or quick tempered.
It doesn’t keep a record
of wrongs that others do.
Love rejoices in the truth,
but not in evil.
Love is always supportive,
loyal, hopeful,
and trusting.
Love never fails!

1 Corinthians 13:2-8 CEV

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