Time to Think

One thing being home sick with the pneumonia does is it gives you time to think. Oh the thoughts that I thought while I was laying in the bed. Here is a short list.

I am so sick. So not like me to be sick.

Do the right thing, yes even if the right thing is saying NO.

You are gonna live some old how til you die.

Am I dying? Sure feels like it.

I should read or write. All this free time and all I want to do is sleep.

I should invent something amazing that will help children or old people or end hunger.

Just never know the luck of a lousy goat.

I need to paint my bedroom ceiling.

Beagles snore really loud.

I wonder if God is listening.

Dear God I need my husband to come in and bring me some OJ.

If I cough any more my ribs are gonna break.

Life is a percussive thing and so are my neighbors.

How did JK Rowling do it? I could write a book as good as Harry Potter, I know I could.

Yes God hears everything. Thanks for the OJ dear.

I really should look at my budget and save more.

Stop apologizing for being yourself.

What’s the point of life?

I miss my friends.

I love my library, I should go sit in there and read.

Ugh, I hurt all over. Pain is good it means I am still alive.

I should stop worry and trust God.

I think I will just lay here and pray.











One thought on “Time to Think

  1. All this sounds so familiar……you gain wisdom from from these kind of thoughts……I think you are much wiser than you realize. 🙂

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