The Stillness of God

How do you know you if God is speaking to you?

God speaks to me in the stillness of my soul. Not when I am busy with my body doing and doing, but when I am still. Even if it is a second of stillness. There are certain words, with a certain peace that is so very hard to explain. I know it comes from God. It is almost a relief that fills my soul with peace. I have to trust God. I have to still myself where I can hear the words and feel His presence. If I have one stray fragment of doubt about what I hear, feel or know, then it is not God. I may doubt myself, can I have the strength, skill will to do what is being asked, but I can not doubt God. If I have one tiny glimmer of doubt, then it is not God. God is sure, true and solid. He is not wavering or iffy.  His promises are forever. He will always give you the right answer at the exact right time. This is a hard lesson to learn and a difficult fact to wait for that answer to appear. It is worth the wait, the stillness and the promise that comes every time you listen.

Trust God, listen to God not with your human ears, or your human understanding of God, but with your soul. Don’t doubt God. Still your soul and listen, wait for the peace to follow.

Silence in the presence of God is the perfect prayer and it is where God does His best work in your life.


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