The Mysterious Why

You know how kids ask “Why?” Kids ask this one word question over and over again. The worst part is that kids always ask until you can not explain the Why and you say what? “Because I said so that’s why?” When I am studying the bible I find that I ask why a lot. Why did God part the sea for the Hebrews? Why didn’t they go a different way? Why did Lot’s wife turn around and what was she thinking? Why didn’t God stop Harrod from killing all the baby boys and why did that happen not once but twice in the Bible? Why didn’t Adam just say no? Why didn’t Moses hang on to those tablets a little tighter? ….on and on I go….Why? Why? Why?

When I ask these questions I don’t always get an answer. Most of the time I get a what if. What if the situation went the other way? It is an interesting thought to think about the lessons of the Bible and imagine a different outcome. Then I get to thinking about Jesus.

I do not like thinking about the Why or what if of what Jesus did or said. I am simply amazed that God loved me enough to send his son to earth for me. The mysterious why of that is too much for my mind to comprehend. When I think of why, I realize with clarity how unworthy of God’s mercy I am. I am just a speck of nothing yet God loves me.

Human curiosity, the desire to know why is a faith killer. We must take the act of love in the person of Jesus with faith and humility. Knowing the why would crush our spirt because we would have to face just how insignificant we are.