The Littlest Blessings

It’s in the little things that God shows you He is paying attention to you! It is the littlest blessings. It is no secret that I have made a radical change in my life. I resigned a job that I had for almost 17 years to follow my dream and to follow God’s calling for my life. I was excited and terrified at the same time. Now as the small blessings of God become apparent  I realize that God is looking out for me. I prayed and begged God to move in my life and He was waiting for me to move. Once I obeyed God, did the unthinkable,to me, then the blessing came. One small thing at the time.

God loves us and wants to bless us. We must show we are obedient to Him for that to happen. The same God who wants to bless us can discipline us in the same breath when we ignore His will for our life.

The key to the blessings is three-fold: bring yourself to the conversation with God, listen and act.

The blessings will follow. Often they are the smallest things that only I know are from God, but they mean so much to me. The littlest blessings make my love for God grow deeper in big ways.

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