Waiting on Directions

Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

As a chapter closes in my life I am at peace. I know that God has plans for me that will require me to look for a path. I am in the peaceful state of waiting on the Lord. I know me though, I am in the honeymoon phase of waiting. After awhile it gets less lovely and more challenging. I am going to hold fast to the verse above and make it my prayer.

I will trust in the Lord with all my heart; and I will lean not unto my own understanding.  In all thy ways I will acknowledge him, and he shall direct my paths.

Who is guiding your steps? It is important to know that answer. If it is you, then who is guiding your heart? If it is not you or God, then you need to look closely at your compass. Don’t be easily lead. It is too easy to get in to trouble of you follow a crowd or the wrong person.

It is a simple as this, if you aren’t following God then you are going the wrong way.

Moving On

Funny how the smallest things make you sigh. I got my last paycheck today from my old job. It is like I heard a door slam somewhere in the distance. I am not sad, mind you. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. It is the nostalgia factor that made me sigh.  I have walked through the open door and I am looking for the next open window. (To use an over used cliché)

I think that it is good to burn bridges sometimes. (There I go with the clichés again!) It makes it impossible to go backwards in life. We should never be looking to go back. We should keep moving forward in to the life God intends for us to travel. So, as I look back on my past, I will smile at the memories that are good and ignore the ones that are ugly. I will keep pressing forward, making progress one step in front of the other. Eventually I will come to that place of rest. My hope is when I look back at that point of my life I see more happiness than ugly sadness.

So, here’s to the next steps in the journey. I am excited to see where it leads.

What’s your journey? Do you know where you are going? I challenge you to think about it this week. Everyone has a path to follow. The question is, who is directing your steps?

Be Happy..it’s a decision not a Feeling

Hello Monday, I choose to be happy today! I could pout and whine….poor me….No I chose to be happy. If you make an effort to be happy, even if it is hard at first, eventually you will realize, Hey I am happy!

Trust me, I know how difficult it can be. I have been depressed for a long time. You just have to do it. Praying helps, a lot. Surround yourself with positive people, like me. That speeds things along. Listen to upbeat music. Toby Mac, Third Day, Francesca Battistelli,  Newsboys, Newsong, Royal Tailor, or Backstreet Boys ( Ha ha, yeah, they make a girl feel pretty). No whinny pity party music.

Try it!

OK, so you think I am nuts? Fine, but give it one chance! One week and let me know if it worked. For some of you it will take longer, don’t give up! CHOOSE to be HAPPY!

Happy Monday Everyone!


Monday! So What?

I am so happy today is Monday! Why you ask, why not be like the rest of the world who are posting on Facebook and Twitter that the weekend it over, woe is me I have to go to work…..boo hoo….ok, I have done the same thing, posted the same negative things….a lot! Today I chose to be different. I chose to have a marvelous Monday. The sun is shining (between clouds) and I am alive. The Bible tells us,

1 Thessalonians 2:12 (CEV)12 We begged, encouraged, and urged each of you to live in a way that would honor God.

Waking up and being negative because it happens to be a Monday is not honoring God for the blessing of the new day. Maybe you were not supposed to wake up ! Guess what God woke you up! You are blessed!

I encourage you to honor God today and be happy for a beautiful Monday!

Versatile Blogger

Well, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks to http://thisbirddoesit.wordpress.com/ I have never been nominated for this award be fore!

So, here’s the deal with the award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (done)

2. Nominate 15 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award, link to their page, and leave a comment notifying them of the  newly bestowed honor. (I’m not sure I know 15 others.)

3. Tell seven things about myself.


OK, so let’s start with the seven things about me…..in no particular order.

  1. I am a Christian.
  2. I am a wife.
  3. I am a mom and yes a grand mom.
  4. I am a writer.
  5. I am a librarian.
  6. I am unique child of God.
  7. I love everyone, even you!


SO here are my 15…well 13….I am still thinking about the last two.

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It’s The Little Things

I didn’t want to go to church this morning. I didn’t even want to get dressed but I did.  I debated for an hour or so about going to church. I was tired, but I decided to go. I left home early. I figured I can sit and pray or visit with someone in the new garden we have. As I was driving my hands were so dry they hurt. I thought, I should stop and buy some lotion or something. I was too lazy to get out of the truck, so I didn’t stop.  My plans of praying while I was waiting changed when I pulled into the parking lot. There was the mobile blood unit in the church yard. My church invites them to come get donations several times a year. I usually donate. I didn’t feel like it, but I looked at the time, had plenty of time before the service so I donated. Donating blood is very easy. Plus you get a snack and a T-shirt. If you haven’t given blood, you should do it. It does not hurt. I know you think it would, but it really doesn’t. After that I went in to the ladies room and there was a brand new bottle of lotion. I said thanks to God. The service was wonderful. It usually is. There was singing, praising, praying, peace sharing and communion. Peaceful and convicting. Then I went home.

What is my point? In my brief story of my day, well half of it, did you see God anywhere in there? No? well let me add a few more details.

I didn’t want to get up, but I prayed, God help me get going.

I didn’t want to go to church, but I prayed God should I go.

I didn’t want to stop for lotion, but I prayed God make my hands stop hurting.

I wasn’t sure about donating, so I asked God do I have time?

God answered all these prayers when I got to church. I was obedient. I “kept the Sabbath holy” and He blessed me. Not only I was blessed but with the blood mobile God gave me the chance to be a blessing to someone else.

That is how God works in our ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. He uses what we have, what we offer or what we aren’t expecting. He changes our plans to suit His will and in the end he blesses us. For that I am thankful.

So this week look for God in the little things. God will surprise you.