Shameless Self Serving Request


I am about to ask you a shameless favor. I have started a second blog. It is more personal. I used it for book reviews and I will will do that, but it is also going to be a personal story. If you are interested, please give it a look. I know it is not for everyone. I am just hoping that among my loyal readers I have kindred spirit’s that might want to join me for a ride through this new adventure I am undertaking. There is a space for comments on that blog as well. I am begging for honest comments where you the reader can share your stories with me as I share mine. Observations of the Cracked will still be my primary blog. This one is not a replacement, just different.

SO here is the link.

Thank you for your patience. Please pray for my new life as I follow God wherever He deems me go!

Look for a new post here tomorrow!

Now back to our regular scheduled programming.