Changing & Praying

I will be finished with my MLIS (Master’s of Library and Information Science) in December. Last September I was looking at in internship, but who can stop working for money to work for free? I can’t. I went to our local public library to volunteer and actually applied for a trainee position. I began working part-time, one day a week. When I decided to resign my full-time to work at the library it was an agonizing decision that took me 7 months to decide. It was not that I didn’t love the library. I do! It is like being home. It isn’t that I hated my other job. I loved the people there, still do. Is was the change and the doubt that change brings.  I took the leap and started working at the library this week, more than just one day per week. My life has been radically changed. I was used to getting up at 3 AM to be at work by 5 AM! The Library opens at 10 AM and at the latest closes at 8 PM! Big difference! There are many more significant changes that you wouldn’t believe if I told you.  This time next week, I will let you know how this first week turns out! 

The bibliophile in me loves just being in the presence of books! I know how crazy that sounds. Just yesterday while helping patrons find things they needed from the stacks (book shelves for you non library folks) I found several I would like to read too. My inner bibliophile was smiling! That wasn’t even the best part of my day.   The best part was I am helping people! I loved the look on their faces when they said things like, “Good, you have that!” or when they ask me to look something up and I can tell them what or where it is. Priceless! I have no doubt that I am where God wants me to be. You would think that is enough. 

As a Christian we are not supposed to worry. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t worry. It must take a super power not to worry. I was worried when I decided to follow my dreams. I knew I needed to do it for my future. I know I am following the path God has for me. Even with all of that, I am still fighting worry. Every time I get a thought that starts What if…? I chunk it out. I do not have the strength to worry. 

This week I am focusing on changing and praying! 

I decided every time I worry, I owe 5 more minutes on the elliptical, treadmill or some other gym device! I usually pray or chat with God while I am on those things anyway, so that ought to do it! 


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