Adjustment in Time

My first week of my new life is at it’s end. I am struggling with very little. The biggest difference is in the way I manage time. I have more time than I have had in years, several years. I have been used to a set schedule that was often not followed and rarely ended on time. Now I have a schedule with a normal work day and time off. Work, lunch break, work, go home. I am having trouble working in gym time, but I will get that figured out. I still managed to go, but not as many days as I would like to. (Me, wanting to go to the gym?? When did that happen??)

Another big thing I noticed about time it that it seems to go by at a normal rate. Before when I was in a stressed working environment, time flew by. Hours seemed like minutes and dark hours were full too. Now time flows as it should. An hour feels like an hour. I wake up and the sun it up already. Weird. I get home and it is still day light. That will take some time to get adjusted to. I hope to find that my health improves with the improvement of the time in my life. Normal again. Something that I took for granted before, when I had it. Something I grieved over losing and something I am rejoicing that has returned to my life. I never realized how precious time is to human existence  We work and live, go through the motions of living. Time soars by and we don’t blink. Slow down people! Enjoy life!

This weekend time is all about God. I will be attending a Christian women’s conference. That sort of thing is what I need to recharge my soul. It is an escape from the world and a time on the mountain. I am thankful for the opportunity to go spend time with my sisters in Christ.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends. We just don’t know how much of it we have left. We need to cherish what time we have and use it wisely. Learn from my mistake, do not abuse time.

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