Time on The Moutain

I have an opportunity to go to a Christian women’s conference this weekend. It will be time of praise, study, and prayer. It will be a time separate from the world. A time with God. How my soul craves time with God. How I struggle to get enough, if that is possible to have enough, time with God. To have uninterrupted hours with God instead of a few daily minutes will be so good for my soul. I can’t wait to tell you all that I learn at the conference.

Why is it that we have so little time for God? Is it the stopping life for a minute that we struggle with in our busy day to day lives?

Think about how wonderful life would be if we could block out uninterrupted time with God. Is your time with God more like checking it off a to do list or is it a priority?

I have times when I am so busy that I give God a quick good morning prayer and I’ll get to the Bible later. By the time I get to reading the bible I am so tired that it is simply a time checked off my list for that day. I have promised God that is not how it is going to happen any more. He has answered prayers for me, blessed me enormously, the very least I can do is give God my undivided attention every day.

I challenge you to do the same. Give God time in your day, every day that is just for Him. Get up earlier if you have too. Do whatever it takes to give God time.






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