Live a God Centered Life

I love the way it feels to come back to life after being with a group of Christians. There is something calming and empowering being with a group of like-minded people, then coming back to your normal routine. It isn’t the company of the people, but the Holy Spirit that moves around you as you pray, talk and worship God. It is like the very air your are standing in, yes standing kneeling sitting, is charged with the power of God. It radiates off the faces of those in His presence. It echos off the surrounding walls. Then when you leave that place your take a bit of that majesty with you. You walk straighter, you have no fear of evil and you have no doubt that what you lived through was Holy. I used to be a skeptic. I thought that it was a scam that cause weak-minded people to follow their emotional reaction to a group of very good speakers with skill to convince those listening that they needed the God they were selling. That was before God brought me to my knees at such an event. Now, I crave to be in the presences of God. My life pales in comparison to what I know it can be when the Holy Spirit is working. There is a way to have the closeness to God everyday….it is easy.God is there. He is always there. It is you who moves away from Him. Seek Him.

Wake up every day and the first thing before you set a foot on the floor. PRAY. Commit that day to God. Then get up spend time in His word. As you continue through out your day, pray. Place God at the forefront of your mind all day.

Live through His grace and love.

Live a God centered life.

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