Down Hill From Here

I am finally finished with the Spring semester. I have four classes left, Summer and Fall semesters then I will have a MLIS in hand! I am so glad that I am on the down hill swing of this “worthless” degree. I’ll show you worthless! Oh but I digress. Going to college as an adult, ahem, an older adult is very tiring and time consuming. It is something I wish I had done in my twentys, but I was too busy surviving. College was something that I just knew was not in my future. Well la te da, look at me now! I can’t believe I am almost finished with my master’s program. I tell everyone I know, if you even think maybe you want to go to school, go talk to a advisor.  I even told my mom to go! You won’t regret it! The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

Trust me, If I can do it SO CAN YOU! It is never too late to be what you have always dreamed of being. Take a change, make that leap. Pray and jump!

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