Wide Awake

I very rarely have bouts of insomnia but tonight, excuse me, this morning, I am having one of those. I can count on one hand how may times in a year I do this. I am usually sleeping so hard that the house could fall down around me and I wouldn’t hear a thing. It’s my husband’s fault. He was up at midnight getting ready to leave for a fishing trip. Crazy outdoor types. I am not one of those. Unless it involves a shade tree and a book to read or a notebook to write in. I like being outside but not for the same reasons as most people. I can’t stand humidity, bugs, dirt, heat. The only exception is beach sand and sunshine through a beach umbrella. Now sleeping outside is one thing I do like. Especially in the Spring when it is breezy and a comfortable temperature. Love a lounge chair in the cool evening or afternoon. Wish I had that now. Now it’s raining.

Well, my beagle is snoring so is the cat. I guess I’ll go flip the TV remote and look at the multitude of products that are for sale. You know the ones, order now and you will get this free….whatever. Never mind, I am going to read. Good thing I am off work tomorrow. I am spending the day with my mom. She won’t care if I yawn or if I have make up on, which is highly unlikely. That is a good thing about moms. They love you for you. Now I am rambling. I could continue, but what is the point.

Thank you for letting me spew random awake at 3 AM thoughts. You’re good listener.


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