How Much Time?

I spent the entire day with my mom yesterday. We chatted and went for some light retail therapy. It was nice to be with her for more than a few minutes. I have had friends tell me to enjoy my time with my mom as it is short. All of those friends have moms in heaven. They are telling the truth, but isn’t that true of all of us?

We don’t know when this life will be over for us. It could be years and years from now or it could be today. I could get sappy with that live love laugh like it is your last day on earth stuff. That is fine but I think that we should do more that those light things. We need to get our house in order. Forgive those who wrong you. Ask for forgiveness for those you have wronged. If you do this every day then you don’t have anything hanging over you when that last day does arrive for you. Clean out your closets of hate and discontent. Deal with the things you have been putting off. Tell those who mean so much to you that they are important. Not only take care of the emotional baggage you are carrying around but organize your physical life. You will be happier if your life is neat and tidy, inside and out. Makes getting to that last day easier.

My mom gave me some things that belonged to my grandmother. I think my mom is cleaning out her closet. Getting ready for the next adventure. That sounds like the thing thing to do. I decided I will do the same this week and next. I am going to unpack my baggage and clean out my closets. Get my emotional house swept clean and my physical house tidy.

We have already talked a bit about my new life style, including my new job and commitment to the gym. Those were big steps. The next big step is organizing and preparing for the next big adventure, because I just don’t know how much time is left in this life.

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