Good Morning, yes It Is!

I just realized it has been three weeks since I used an alarm clock to get up for work! I am sleeping better than I have in years and I am off of two of my three high blood pressure meds. All of this is because I was brave and took a leap of faith. The biggest complement I keep getting form my family and friends is that I am happy. Sure is nice to see you happy they say, and it is real. I am not faking a smile to get through the day. I am happy. I am not making the kid of money I was making. I am not buying a new car or a new house as I thought I would be this year, but I am happy!

I found the key to happiness. It is simple really. I can’t believe it took me so long to find the answer. I was focused on living a certain type of life style. Spending a certain amount of money and doing certain things. When I realized  life, a happy life is not about money and surviving.

A happy life has these things: you have to be true to yourself, you must do what you love, you must spend time with those you love, and you must find your center. For me my center is God. What is your center? Who do you serve? Are you spending time serving a job, a person, a life that is not true to who you are?

If you want happiness you need to answer those questions and FAST!

The other thing I have learned is this  life is way to short to live a life that is not true to you and too short to be a you that is not true to God.

Think about that today, who are you, really? What is at your core? Are you happy?






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