Good Morning

Today I  thanked God for waking me up. After a week of evil in the news and seeing evil in the world, I was thankful just to wake up. If you haven’t seen the evil in the news lately you have to be living in a hole somewhere with a white rabbit. Every time the news came on someone had been murdered, raped, kidnapped or abused. I wanted to just turn it off. Then I realized that in that evil good came shining through. It was in a mother’s tears, a child’s smile, and a hero’s humility. Good broke through the evil and made me realize that evil is not going to win. It might harm us for a time, but good wins in the end.

Mat 10:18 “Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.”

In the end, always, Good wins and good comes from God!

That, my friend is enough to make this a good morning!