Thankful Peace

I can not say “Thank you God!” enough these days. I was amazed that for all that worry I did for all those months about taking a leap of faith did not come to be. That my big life change has gone so well has just stunned me. I was worried about money, and that has worked out wonderfully.  No debt mongers have come knocking at my door to drag me away to debtor’s prison. Unexpected deposits in the bank, several bills went down, and my investment accounts gained at an unexpected rate. I just knew that making less money would be the end of me. It wasn’t.  I was certain that people in my life would be disappointed in me. Just the opposite has happened. Everyone I know is proud of me!

I followed God’s will for my life and I have survived just fine. It hasn’t all been perfect, but it has been peaceful. I am happier than I have been in years! It is amazing how God works.

Thank you God!

Take my advice, if you don’t remember anything I say today, remember this:

If you follow God’s will for your life, you will be thankful, humbled and at peace. No matter what happens around you, God will provide and give you peace.


One thought on “Thankful Peace

  1. Thank you for sharing your leap of faith, as me and Scott are waiting to hear from God on what, if there will be a new path for us. Or if we stay the course we are on.

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