Yay Books & No Imprisonment

I am off work today and I am headed to the book store. My hubby gave me a gift card for Mother’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day off than to go cruse the shelves and feed my addiction.

I can’t believe I am starting week 5 on my new adventure! Time flies. I am realizing that the things I was worried about when I struggled for so long about the decision to change my life have not come to pass. No debt mongers have come knocking at my door to drag me away to debtor’s prison. My husband, family and friends didn’t call the men with the straight jackets to get me either. I was certain that it would be harder to survive on less money. I was entirely wrong! I was certain that people would be disappointed in me. Just the opposite has happened. Everyone I know is proud of me!

Don’t get me wrong I am living more frugal than ever, but I am not suffering. I am not doing without any thing I want or need. All I can say is that it is all God. Blessings keep coming. My husband calls them windfalls, I call them God Falls. I have  had no less than about a dozen of those since my job change. Unexpected deposits in the bank, several bills went down, and my investment accounts gained at an unexpected rate.

Crazy? I have no other explanation but God did it!

On top of all that, I am loving my job. I have engulfed myself in all things library. I am learning all that I can, so that I can be the best reference librarian possible. I am using the extra time I suddenly have to write write and write. (I write every day!) I have changed my diet and I am going to the gym at least 3 days a week.

SO what’s my point?

If I can do a 360 in my life you can to. What is stopping you? Money? That will take care of itself if you are wise about it. Family or friends thinking you are nuts? They will love you anyway.

If you are not living the life you want to lead it is no ones fault but your own. Trust me I know!

There are still things I want & need to do. The key is one step at a time! You have to take that first step to being you.

Be Brave! You can do it! 

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