A Happy Sort of Tired

I started my Summer semester this week. Only two more and I am finished with graduate school.  I am tired. It is a different kind of tired than what I am used to. I am not so exhausted that I can’t enjoy my time at home. I am not looking toward my class work as a prisoner looks at torture. OK, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I was bone tired now I am happy tired. There is something satisfying about going to bed tired after a long day of work that  you love doing and a life you enjoy. I haven’t had that in a long time.

Today the weekend starts, I have to work all weekend and I am excited about it. All I can say is Thank God! I have a job, and I have a job I like.

Please don’t waste another day in a life you are not happy being living in. Missing out on living is so not worth being unhappy day after day. Find your passion, pursue what you love, and make a happy life for yourself. Yes, pray about it, but God is looking for your actions. How you live is just as important, if not more so than what you pray for.

What are you waiting on!

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