Where Did it Go?

You know that old saying, “my get up and go has left?” Yea, that is me today. I am dragging butt (another of my favorite old things to say). I wrote last time about good tired, yea I am still feeling that but I think I am feeling seasonal allergies too. I hate whiners and here I am whining.

It just goes to show you that we can be in someone else predicament at any second. I have seen those people who say I hate this or that sort of person. Well if it wasn’t for the grace of God you would be there too. What about those who say, “I can’t stand the way she does this or that.” Watch out , but by grace there go I.

Even if you really do not like something a person does, says, or what a person simply is, just remember it could be you.  But what about hate? Even God hates. He hates evil. You can’t truly love someone without hating what  is harmful to those you love.  I try not to use the word hate in my life but I figure if God can hate evil I can to. Not people, but the evil that motivates them. People are just people. They can, however have evil or good in their heart. Same goes for you and me.

There she goes, but by the grace of a loving God, I would be going that way too. Think about it.


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