Rhythm of a Life with Books

I never knew how busy being a librarian would be for me! I am always working on projects and helping patrons. Then I have class and school work too! Oh, and then there is church and family to spend time with! Whew! I am one busy librarian!

All of my mental pictures of librarians are ladies shhhing people. Not running around busy! Well, I was wrong. I like it though. It is a different kind of busy than what I am used too. A difference kind of rhythm to life. The best part for me, no alarm clocks!

The only problem with all this busy is that I still don’t have time to read. I managed to read two books this month, my first official month as a librarian. That will no do. I have to find time to read. How can I suggest titles when I can’t read any?

I am hoping after I graduate in December that I will have time to read for fun. For now my to be read shelf in my personal library and my to be checked out list for the library is getting crowded and longer!

When do you find time to read? Do you have a unique way of finding time to spend with your book friends?

Maybe you can inspire me to find a few extra minutes a day to feed my bibliophile.

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