Summer Summer

Summer is anything but hot and lazy around here. Well, it is hot, but certainly not lazy. From planning a trip to Disney with grandchildren in June, a whirlwind three-day trip to see my best friend just outside of Chicago in July and then there is my master’s program I am still working on, I am one not lazy girl! On top of all that I have church stuff and work.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I still find time to be with God and write. It is very difficult but I make the things I love to do a priority. You have to plan in this life to get through it anymore. I remember my grand parents who seemed so laid back, especially in the Summer time.  They weren’t going going going all Summer. The family come to see them in them. I was fortunate to live with them, so I saw them all the time. Summer was a time to tend the garden in the morning, read or play table games like Gin Rummy or dominoes in the afternoon, sit on the porch and drink iced tea in the evenings. All the while grandchildren playing around them. If it was a really good day, the ice cream churn came out and we, the grand kids, took turns cranking the handle. At night, just after dark, there were fireflies to catch and horn toads to chase. My grandparents did not plan, they just lived.

In the Summer my grandmother would say, it’s too hot to do that, go rest. The sun is too high, go read a book instead of going outside. If she and my grandfather wanted to take a nap they did. If they wanted to play a round or two of dominoes, they did. The seemed to have no pressure or stress. What happened to me? If I lay down to rest I feel guilty that there is something to get finished. Always something to do. I just recently bought a set of dominoes and I can’t find anyone who knows how to play.

Life is so busy when it really should be more fun and slower. Rush here and there, always on some sort of schedule. Granted my life is significantly less stressful than it was, in fact the worse stress I have now is deciding what to wear. I am not near as busy. I am making progress to that life of iced tea porch sits and fireflies in a jar.

My new goal, spend more time in the state of rest and find a domino partner.




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