I May Need a 12 Step

Hi my Name is Lori and I can not stop buying books. I have been away from my blog for about two weeks. I took my grand kids and their parents to Disney World. It was fun. I enjoyed the time with my family. There was only one problem, I was in book withdrawal. The entire time I kept wondering where the nearest book store was in the land where dreams come true. I found not one. I thought for sure that Princess Belle would have allowed me to accompany her to the Beast’s library, didn’t happen. On top of that I had no time to read the books I brought with me on the trip since there were so many other things going on. I thought I could read in the hotel at night but I was exhausted from the hours and hours of walking in the summer heat. Don’t misunderstand me I had a blast watching the little people enjoy their first trip to the Mouse’s kingdom. They were in wonder at all of it. I was just missing my books and that can not be normal.

Today I will get my fix, life will be back to normal and my routine will resume, so will my blog posts. I just need a bit of quality time with my books.


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